Red Light, Green Light, In Between Light


About Pamela Hester King

Wife, mama, grandma, bestie and friend, colleague and coach. These are my roles. Artist, writer, observer and thinker, gardener and baker; all around creative spirit. These make me.
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4 Responses to Red Light, Green Light, In Between Light

  1. Mrs. P says:

    Wow…Pamela, I had not know that you had experienced so much loss, more than any should. Your post today is very thought provoking. I won’t be sharing any opinions today as I feel that life and death is a personal matter. Though I would hope that somewhere in the equation…responsibility for others…comes in to play.

  2. Ashana M says:

    I’d say everyone does have that right to make a choice. But implicit in that choice is that you, as being among the living, aren’t enough to make someone else want to live and your pain is something the person who suicides is willing to risk. It doesn’t come without consequences.

    I also think most people making that choice aren’t making an informed choice. They are making a choice distorted by the weight of emotion. In that sense, it may not be about choice at all, but an act of passion–like murdering someone because you lost leave of your senses. Even if it is pre-planned, it’s perhaps that the repeated moments of despair extend long enough to carry out more of its pieces, like being crazy with rage for weeks or even months. We can’t sustain anger that long, but we can sustain hopelessness.

  3. tersiaburger says:

    So much loss…so much pain! I believe that everyone has the right to decide – red or green….I also believe that death is a conscious decision…In February 2012 my daughter made the conscious decision to die. She gave up her fight to live. No more hospitals she asked… We respected it. She only stopped breathing 11 months later.

    Your pain pours from the post. I suppose we have to allow our loved ones to go when they choose to go. It is hard. Hugs!

  4. Nancy Payne says:

    Very touching, Pam. I had no idea you had all of that going on in the same year. I was the naive younger sister of your friends–too busy in her own life to truly care what was happening in yours. Aware? Yes, but I did nothing … So now, older, wiser (?), I am in awe of the lady you’ve become through all that you’ve faced in your life. I can hear Anne Marie talking about the “Benz” across the street. Ha! She did have a good sense of humor! But if she was mad, look out! I knew better than to ignore her. I will continue to enjoy your writings. Go hug that great husband of yours. Lots of strength for you to lean on.

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